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The Property Search

Viewing your first property. Not sure what to look for? You can use our helpful guide

So Lockdown is ending for now, and slowly we are emerging from our homes where we have spent the last 3 months, squinting up at the sun and many of us have made the decision that we need to take that next step, make that move and find a new place to call our own.

Whether its to getting out from under your parents’ feet or finally having your own place without that annoying housemate who never does the washing up, it seems that now is the time. I am seeing more and more first-time buyers getting in touch because they want to know how much they can borrow and what they need to do to get that first property.

At Ideal Mortgage Advisers we can help you by running through our fact find call and getting you a fully researched recommendation so you know how much you can borrow, what that looks like in terms of monthly payments and who will lend you the money based on your credit profile. Then we are ready to process a Decision In Principle for you when you want to put in an offer

That will just leave you with the small matter of finding the perfect home!


What are we looking at when we go to view properties? I didn’t have a clue. When I bought my place, I had seen it twice for about 10 minutes each time and based on those two visits I had to decide on the biggest purchase of my life. I definitely spent longer choosing my TV. I hadn’t noticed the boiler is in the main bedroom. I hadn’t noticed the walls in the hallway had this weird aertex coating that essentially looked like some one had sneezed all over them. I’d seen 4 places that day and I was excited because this place felt liveable and that was good enough.

Its important you are being observant, and alert so take a checklist to remind you what you looking for. This will not cover everything, all properties are different, but it will help point you in the right direction.

Visit our website and download the property viewing checklist here


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